The Singer Has Its Place Apart In The History Of The Mexican Genre.

Despite starting his career in the world of ballads, Juan Gabriel was faithful to the Mexican vernacular music and is one of the great composers of his country. These are some of his best songs beside a mariachi. Although he composed for other authors, the list includes issues popular in his repertoire.

• I forgot again

Juan Gabriel knew what he was doing when he made his debut as rancheras with the album composer Juan Gabriel Con El Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan. It is a subject of direct and tuned with the work of the legendary José Alfredo Jiménez. It is a song of cantina that tastes of unrequited love with tequila and crying.

• Poor innocent friend

A proud man lets you know your loved one that knows of his deception. It is another station-wagon direct message, which ironically in sentences. The protagonist is hurt but shows strong at the circumstance. It is ideal for those who have things to say when they learn of a betrayal.

• The ringer

More heartbreak and betrayal. Juan Gabriel says it all in is song. It is a relief that promises a rematch and a return to love. The protagonist refuses to go out defeated. The ringer is anger and obsession in its purest form.

• Until I met you

Juan Gabriel theater to the order of the day. A complex letter to explain the change that exists when the wrong love. Moving from the best to the worst feelings. Song to sing to cry wounded in the concerts of the “Divo of Juarez”. Musically, it is rich with change of atmosphere and a series of improvisations.

• I would ask you please

I ask you to please one of the jewels of the thoughts, one of the best albums of the eighties album. With a more modern sound, Juan Gabriel sings to the hold on by someone else. Be loved is all right for a lover who pleads an eternal company.

• I don’t know what happened to me

It is another of the successes of thoughts. A fresh tune accompanies a letter which speaks of the importance of honesty in relationships. It is one of the few songs in which Juan Gabriel reveals the secrets to have manageable loves. It accommodates those who want to end a relationship without hurting.

• Eternal love

Rocío Dúrcal made it known, but can not miss to Juan Gabriel in any recital. The most common interpretation of its significance is that it is an issue dedicated to the memory of the mother of Juan Gabriel. The depth of the song causes tears. A tribute to true love and no ordinary dramas.

• Let me live

Pop top rancher. The duo of Rocío Dúrcal and Juan Gabriel is perhaps more fun of music couple separation. She asks for release and he not resigned to losing it. It is an unforgettable dance between a Yes and a no.

• It is not worth

Nothing love “not worth for a lover”, half, proclaimed Juan Gabriel in this cheerful ranchera. The additional ingredient is the excellent choir together with the mariachi. Proof of undeniable musicianship.

• Still loving you

One of the most romantic tracks of Juan Gabriel. It’s the farewell with good wishes. A nostalgia-filled song. It is rich musically, and voices games, Juan Gabriel poses as the traditional charro of the films.


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