Luis Miguel, Mexico Sun

Date of birth: 19 April 1970 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. You have Mexican nationality.

Nickname: “El sol de México”

General profile
Luis Miguel belongs to the lineage of the great soloists of Latin music. It is the divo par excellence: a natural talent with PT Heartthrob and mysterious life. It has a tone of unmistakable voice, which dominates with mastery in the genres that plays. Born in pop and consecrated with the bolero. It is of the few youth idols getting respect for a mature audience. Winner of Grammy, Latin Grammy and container of multi-platinum for sales. Their live performances are so produced their recordings. Besides interpreter, Luis Miguel composes, produces and some recitals are encouraged to play keyboards.

Artistic family
Luis Miguel is the son of Spanish singer Luisito Rey and Italian actress Marcela Basteri. Although he was born in Puerto Rico, grew up and developed his career in Mexico.

It was his father that boost his career since Luis Miguel was 11 years old. Their first album 1 + 1 = 2 enamorados appears in 1982. 15 years collaborated on the album in Spanish of Sheena Easton with the song I like you as you are. The subject gave him his first Grammy at age 15. His early career took him to commercial cinema, but his following recordings were that consecrated them.

The Sun of Mexico
The albums am as I want to ber (1987) and looking for a woman (1988) Luis Miguel make the pop figure to continue for years to come. His alliance with the Spanish composer Juan Carlos Calderón is successful. Topics such as now you can go, when the Sun heats, a man looking for a woman and cold as the wind cool pop at the time presented a great singer. The work of Summit of this era is the unconditional, a ballad that defines the sound of pop in the next 20 years.

Bolero singer
In the 90s, Luis Miguel gives continuity to his pop festive with 20 years, letting in the classics of pop topics lists as have everything except a ti, give yourself and the dancer will be that I love. Consecrated as the main figure in Latin music, Luis Miguel surprises in 1991 with a boleros album titled Romance. The artist wears is singer of the 50 to revive romantic as Unforgettable and I do not know youtopics. With Romance, Luis Miguel is no longer only a young singer and reaches one audience greater than the time which is acclaimed by the critics.

Between the pop and the bolero
After the success of the first Romance, Luis Miguel returns to pop with Aries, which leaves hits like smooth , until you forget me, composed by Juan Luis Guerra. For years it treatments boleros with other pop works. In total he made four works with seal Romance. In 2004 he produced a Ranchera album entitled Mexico in the skin, which is presented by 30 nights at the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico. In 2006 he produced his first work of Christmas songs, including a version of Santa Claus came to town.

In 2008, Luis Miguel gave sobriety to their pop with the album Complices, with songs by composer Manuel Alejandro, writer of the successes of the likes of Julio Iglesias, Raphael and José Luis Rodríguez balladeers. In 2010 he returned to the roots with the lively Luis Miguel. Though his figure is not so prevalent due to changes in the music industry, his work sold millions of copies and touring tickets run out in a matter of hours. His image is followed as the last representative of a kind of singers that one existed in the world of Latin music.

Recommended albums

  • I am looking for a woman
  • 20
  • Romance
  • Aries
  • Mexico in the skin
  • Accomplices


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