10 Songs Luis Miguel

As a child, teenager and adult, Luis Miguel has been a musical phenomenon. The following list includes the most representative musical career topics.

1 1 + 1 = 2 enamorados

Let’s wonder kids. He was 12 years old, but it looked like an expert when he took the stage to sing this success of the album the Sun. His father Luisito Rey accompanied everywhere, but Luis Miguel shone with own light. The theme has something of the sound that the group often imposed at that time.

2. I like you as you are

I like you as you are
At age 15, the voice of Luis Miguel was chosen for the album in Spanish of Sheena Easton. The song won the Grammy this year. The voice of child begins to give way to the Luis Miguel that would later dominate Latin music. It is a ballad Duet, in which theme central is a basic declaration of love.

3. now you can go

With the sound that identified the pop ochenteno, Luis Miguel presented himself as musical Heartthrob of the song with this cheerful song. The theme is love taken from fashion fun, with the pride of not accepting back to love once he hurt. It is a festive theme in which Luis Miguel starts to play with the possibilities of her voice.

4. the unconditional

The image of Luis Miguel Galán acquired a greater dimension with the unconditional, the great success of its first stage. One of those ballads is in pop that fill the heart, especially if you live with repentance. The production of the song is monumental. The Orchestra, a Luis Miguel torn and a subtle choir give an unforgettable drama.

5 I have everything except a ti

The success of the unconditional had continuity on the album 20 years with have all except you. Back on the shore of the man away from the true love, Luis Miguel prints right pain. The music mixes classic with the synthesized era. Although his voice is impressive, it is manages to get a tone similar to his teen years.

6 it will be that I love

Luis Miguel partying. The song is a cover of Blame It to The Boogie of Jackson 5. Few artists are daring to replicate Michael Jackson, but Luis Miguel succeeded to do so thanks to his talent. The key was it was clear it was a runaway lyrics, that would be very special in the recitals.

7. don’t know you

One of the most listened themes of the first Romance with unforgettable. Beautiful teacher Armando Manzanero song could not get a better interpreter. “The Sun” did not release any word of the song. In his voice phrases evoke the feelings of deep love. The bolero and Luis Miguel were made for another one.

8. until I forget

A song by Juan Luis Guerra brought back to Luis Miguel to pop after the album of boleros. Perhaps his most romantic theme. The power of his voice in the recording and the presentanciones live insinuated that you it’s an issue that Luis Miguel took a personal. This promise of eternal love is one more clear Mexican recordings.

9 or you or any

Album love you is a pleasure and composed his music mancorna Juan Carlos Calderón, the theme highlights the more mature voice of Luis Miguel. The Mexican again hit with a theme that has the words that explain a complete delivery and without comparison. Here the unconditional is the man who speaks through the voice of Luis Miguel.

10. la Bikina

Luis Miguel surprised the media with this live recording. Its interpretation that you can imagine to Luis Miguel is as real as a bar with a bottle of tequila in hand the old Mexican cinema. The song is a classic of Mexican ranchero genre, fully honouring Luis Miguel.


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