10 Pop Youth Groups

Idols of generations or wonders of one day, groups of boys and girls represent a juvenile expression in music. His songs and choreography are kept in the memory of those who enjoyed them. These are some of the most remembered.

• Often

The parents of the Boy-Band in Spanish. They appeared in Puerto Rico and quickly infected to United States and the rest of Latin America. The girls of the 80s “hopped on his bike” dazed with their cries. Stars such as Ricky Martin and Draco were born in often. Reunions and revivals have been frequent, but the phenomenon of the 1980s has never been equaled.

• Los Chamos

They were contemporaries often and had his fifteen minutes on the radio with songs like Canta chamo and always love you. Venezuelans stuck in Mexico thanks to the film “Kidnapping in Acapulco” beside the diva of pop Yuri. The singer Carlos Baute was born in Los Chamos.

• Timbiriche

It is the school of pop in Mexico, where they have a certain cult. A combination of men and women dedicated to the youthful romance. It was active from 1982 until 1994. It began as a group of children to mature in a pop rock songs. Paulina Rubio, Thalia, Sasha and Eduardo Capetillo are some of the artists who were born in Timbiriche.

• Flans

The trio composed of two Mexican (Ivonne Guevara and Mimi Guevara) and a Venezuelan (Ilse olive) knew how to interpret the emotional curiosity of teenage girls. They combined electrifying songs with hurting ballads. Lived its peak in the second half of the 80s with hits like Bazar, No controles, shy and from the trenches.

• Magneto

Not they equaled the impact of Menudo, but they came close. Five Mexican boys who danced and sang to the first love and life with imagination. Two albums in the early 1990s were enough that they triumphed. Its success flies flies is the version in Spanish of Voyage Voyage by Desireless. Their lead singer Alan was the Heartthrob of that era.

• Pandora

With 25 years of career, the trio of Fernanda Meade and sisters Isabel and Mayte Lascurain, embodies the Mexican pop linked to the traditional music of that country. Distribution of the voices and their vocals are unmistakable. They had the support of greats such as Pedro Vargas tenor and composer Juan Gabriel. They have been separations and reunions. His big hit is how you my love?

• Garibaldi

A pop project by Mexican nationalism. Producers brought together four men and four women that dance and sing songs from the popular Mexican repertoire dressed in traditional costumes. His name is a tribute to the famous square of the city of Mexico. There were on the continent when they included songs from other countries of Latin America.

• Crazy mine

Born in the era of Glam Rock in Spain at the end of the 80s. Fans and a colorful costume burst in the channels of videos, while its electronic sound took the clubs. Trivial and absurd message of his songs was no obstacle for the Spanish group was on everyone’s lips.

• Paper dolls

This joint working group was the result of the success of the telenovela reaching a Star II. It brought together several former Timbiriche as Sasha and Bibi Gaitán, who were next to the Puerto Rican Ricky Martin and singer of rancheras Pedro Fernández. Its history was linked to the telenovela. The ephemeral group reached to go on tour for Latin America.


RBD was the youth group that dominated the market in the first decade of the 21st century. It was born by the telenovela Rebelde and was integrated by Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Anahi Puente, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckerman and Christian Chávez. His success was a worldwide phenomenon thanks to that soap opera was transmitted and folded in Europe, Asia and Brazil.

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