10 Legends Of Salsa

Exalt only 10 names in the sauce is difficult and unfair. However, the following list serves as a navigation map. These artists open the door of a huge genre in recordings.

1 Johnny Pacheco

The Dominican Republic was one of the visionaries who founded Fania Records. Flutist, producer and conductor, lover of large productions. He was the brain of Fania All Stars, the union’s star largest in the history of Latin music. Their sound was always rooted to the afro-Caribbean folklore.

2 Celia Cruz

The Queen of salsa. A voice for any State of mind. The Cuban was charisma and flavor on the stage. An unmistakable and unique singer. He recorded with the great orchestras of the sauce and remained valid for 50 years. Any of his songs comes on a party. Pure joy.

3 Tito Puente

Although he said that there was no sauce but Cuban music, Tito Puente is an icon of the genre. His show with the drums is one of the indelible images of the sauce. It was an innovative musician, who opted for the traditional and new balance.

4 Larry Harlow

Sensitivity, study and vision. One of the great pianists and arrangers of the Fania. A Jew from Brooklyn captivated by music Latin to the point of being the creator of the only Latin opera of the story Hommie. He was the pianist of the Estrellas de la Fania and introduced the world to the singer Ismael Miranda.

5 Eddie Palmieri

One of the great pianists of the genre. Educated by the jazz, Palmieri played always with the limits of the imagination. Their songs are mental, comparable travel with the psychedelic late 1960s rock. His solos are hypnotic.

6 Ray Barretto

The power of the conga. A man of great size that exposed the African roots of salsa to the maximum. The conga was his means to express a deep musical cocktail. Their sound was Street, Africa, psychedelia and jazz. His Orchestra had singers such as Adalberto Santiago, Tito Allen and Rubén Blades.

7 Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz

The dynamic duo of salsa. A pianist of classical school, Richie Ray and Bobby Cruz, a troubadour of field, propagated the new sound of Latin music with electrifying topics. Dancing his songs is like running the New York Marathon.

8 Willie Colon

Although the idea of trombones for the sauce was others, Willie Colón is the benchmark for the instrument. His music synthesized the experience of latinos in New York. He could be considered one of the pioneers of urban music. The lyrics of their songs are stuck with ease. He introduced salsa Brazilian music, rock, disco and other genres.

9 Hector Lavoe

He was the singer in the Orchestra by Willie Colón. It is considered the great myth of the sauce. Your sweet voice is adored by fans of salsa. As a sonero, his improvisations were fun for the public. The popularity of the sauce would be another story without Héctor Lavoe.

10 Ismael Rivera

“The greatest sonero”. He devoted his career to exalt the African identity of the peoples of the Caribbean. It was the largest reference for the rest of salsa singers. Their songs are filled with harmonies and melodies that function as a trademark. Though he also passed by New York, their sound is more linked to Cuba and Puerto Rico. It began at the legendary Cortijo and his Combo.


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