10 Large Bachata

Bachata became known internationally in the 1990s, but its history can be traced from the early 1960s when appeared the first recordings. Since there are many performers who have appeared, each contributing a novelty. These are 10 known exponents of the genre. The order is chronological.

• José Manuel Calderón

The pioneer of the genre is considered to Calderon because their songs were the first bachatas recorded at the beginning of the sixties. His voice recalls the golden age of the trios of boleros. It is recognized as a baritone and innovative guitarist. He settled in the neighborhood of Washington Heights in New York. Drunk love and my conviction are some of his greatest hits.

• Luis Segura

The “Pope of the bachata” may well be “Bachata bridge” because it made of the bachata a mass phenomenon and took her out of his music. It began in the 1960s but it was in 1982 that changed everything forever with the topic sentence for you. His voice is crying and pain in the heart. It represents the yesterday and today bachata.

• Leonardo Paniagua

Decorated the 1970s were the Decade of Leonardo Paniagua. He was a specialist in adapting to bachata hits in other genres. He made a kiss and a flower of Nino Bravo, and heart to heart of Roberto Carlos, but it was with Chiquitita of ABBA , which got into the story. He made the rather modern bachata, but faithfully to the original sound.

• Victor Victor

With Víctor Víctor bachata comes at the hands of a musician with multiple talents. Guitarist and percussionist in music began protest until he put his talent at the service of the bachata. Bedside table is an example of the pop touch that put him to the genre. It has a voice for any song of love. In 2005, he recorded an album with distant bachata artists like Fito Páez, Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat.

• Juan Luis Guerra

Bachata emerged from Dominican Republic in the hands of Juan Luis Guerra. An arranger and composer of high school who added lyrics with social content to bachata and merengue. Songs like love bubbles and stars and elves filled with hearts and sticks like honey. Each album produced is a candidate for an Grammy award or Grammy Latino.

• Anthony Santos

Once the bachata entered the music industry elite, Anthony Santos took office as the King of the genre. It is the image of electric bachata which appeared in the 1990s. Singing with guitar in hand and his voice is pure drama. You have music to accompany the love and heartbreak for several nights and many bottles.

• Luis Vargas

It is a bachata cult. You have fans who consider him the best so his songs do not arrive to the top of the charts. It embodies the rebelliousness and the real thing. Instrumentally does what he wants in his songs. It is a virtuoso guitarist and his recordings feel like live music. He was a pioneer in adapting Colombian vallenato to bachata.

• Frank Reyes

It is part of the Group of bachateros modern but his singing style is classic, perhaps inspired by the crooners of the seventies. He is an artist to pay the ticket because his show is from another dimension. Their songs are less heartbreaking, but you never forget love. It is able to adapt to the trends of fashion in music.

• Hector Acosta “El Torito”

His formed the merengue as the singer of Los Toros Band, but his leap to bachata led him to the Summit. “El torito” is a versatile singer who always keeps a young and danceable sound. Goes from the romantic to the hullabaloo smoothly. As Jorge Celedón vallenato and Reggaeton Don Omar as singers seek it for its recordings.

• Adventure

The fusion of two cultures is represented in Adventure. It is the bachata from the streets of New York. The Dominican tradition mixed with R & B us. They are the stars of rock of bachata and filled stadiums across America. His lyrics tell stories of couple, always with an actor expressing his regret. Despite its wealth of instrumental, shafts of his music are the guitar of Lenny Santos and the voice of the singer Romeo Santos.


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