10 Essential Tango Artists

A number of artists have been immortalized in more than 100 years of history of the tango. The following list brings together singers, instrumentalists and composers who popularized the tango at different times.

1 Carlos Gardel (date of birth without establishing – 1935)

Carlos Gardel is the greatest tango. It is possible to make a mistake and think that he is the inventor of this genre. Gardel was baritone and his songs created narrated the dramas of everyday life. Issues such as return, El día que me quieras, Cuesta abajo, Por una cabeza and Melodía de arrabal entered the Latin American repertoire thanks to Gardel. His fame led him to star in 10 films. His tragic death in a plane crash in 1935 was the beginning of his legend. Argentina, France and Uruguay disputed his place of birth.

2 Ignacio Corsini (1891-1967)

Ignacio Corsini is one of the singers that are located a line under Gardel in popularity. He was born in Sicily, Italy, but raised in Buenos Aires. He began singing popular Argentine songs and then went to tango. Sentimental patotero was his first success. His sweet voice and poetic a deep-rooted popular singer did. The Italian school of singing is remarkable in its interpretation of Caminito. It was known as the Knight singer , and Gardel, ventured into the film.

3 Hugo de el Carril (1912-1989)

Hugo de el Carril was an artist of multiple talents. In addition to singer he was writer, director and film actor. Tango became by his admiration for Carlos Gardel. He had a strong voice, always classified as gardel. His career had a rapid rise to the top because the film spread your image across Latin America. His records and movies had a distribution record, what he did in lane one of the first celebrities of the Latin music.

4 Mercedes Simone (1904-1990)

Known as “The Lady of the tango”, Mercedes Simone is considered the greatest female figure of tango and milonga. With her mezzo-soprano voice and rhythm management he seduced to Buenos Aires. It emerged in the middle of the 1920s, when the music scene was dominated by men. He ventured into film as the rest of tango dancers of the era. His most remembered interpretation is the tango singing.

5 libertad Lamarque (1902-2000)

To Libertad Lamarque became known as “America’s sweetheart” by his undisputed popularity on the continent. He lived in Mexico since 1946, where he continued his career as an actress. His voice was sharp and his image inspired tenderness. Their version of Honeysuckle is memorable. He also recorded in Cuba and the United States. He died at 92 years, three years after recording their last album. Lamarque left more 800 recordings in different genres.

6 Aníbal Troilo (1914-1975)

What would happen without the sound of the bandoneon Tango? Aníbal Troilo “Pichuco” was one of the greatest exponents of the instrument. Speaking of Troilo is refer to monumental orchestras in halls filled with dancers. It is the tango that starts to dance or tears out of his melancholy. As director of the Orquesta Típica and Cuarteto Aníbal Troilo made history with tangos and instrumental. Songs like South and drizzle are evidence of his particular style of feel the rhythm.

7 Enrique Santos Discépolo (1901-1951)

Artistic movement that respect has a thinker. The “philosopher of the tango” was Enrique Santos Discépolo. The lyrics of their songs are often cited in academic papers. Topics such as Yira, yira, Cambalache and one are some of their thoughts on life in the 20th century. Their songs are mandatory in any Tango collection because the audience always meditate your thoughts.

8 Astor Piazzolla (1921-1992)

The history of the tango broke in two with the emergence of Ástor Piazzolla. A bandoneonist who lived from child in New York, where he learned the tricks of the jazz. Upon his return to Buenos Aires, at the end of the 1930s, Piazzolla entered the circuit of orchestras. His arrangements revolutionized the tango and the founder of the Nuevo Tango is considered to be. It broke all the rules. In the letters, he worked with the poet Horacio Ferrer, who made the acclaimed song ballad for a madman.

9 Susana Rinaldi (1935)-

Susana Rinaldi is the greatest exponent of the modern tango. His figure emerged at the end of the 60s, cooling the tango with her voice deep and playful. You could add the classics with avant-garde arrangements of Piazzolla era. Rinaldi is recognized as a committed artist and many of her performances have message as dream of keg or lace. After several decades of exile in Europe, Rinaldi returned to Argentina to continue taking the tango with her recitals.

10 Gotan Project (band formed in 1999)

Gotan Project brought the tango to the clubs. The grouping is made up of the French Philippe Cohen Solal, Eduardo Makaroff, Argentinian and Swiss Christoph H. Müller. It is the 21st century tango. The trio debuted in 2000 with the album back to the South, exposing a sound that fused Ástor Piazzolla new tango with elements of electronic music. His subjects are part of the selections of the top disc jockeys in the world.


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